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Health Cluster Portugal: from knowledge to market

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The Health Cluster Portugal (HCP) is a private non-profit association, founded in 2008, that currently brings together over 180 members, including R&D institutions, universities, hospitals, organisations from civil society and companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, ICT and services, among others.

HCP assumes as its mission to strengthen the competitiveness of Portugal in the research, design, development, manufacturing and commercialization of health-related products and services, in selected market and technological niches, targeting the most demanding and relevant international markets, based on the recognition of its excellence, technological level and competences in the field of innovation.

Together, HCP and its members develop innovative projects in areas such as translational and clinical research, active and healthy ageing, health tourism and eHealth, with the purpose of turning knowledge into new solutions that contribute to the improvement of human health and wellbeing. And, also together, work to make Portugal the right place to invest and build partnerships in Health.

Health Cluster Portugal: from knowledge to market.

For more information about HCP, please visit www.healthportugal.com.







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