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Actone S.A.

Category(ies): Contract Research Organisations; Pharmaceutical Companies; R&D Institutions


Address: Alfrapark, Estrada de Alfragide, n.º 67, Edifício F, Piso 1, Sul; 2610-008 Amadora; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Health Care Providers, R&D consultancy, Research & Development

ActOne is a company specialized in Healthcare and Pharma industry and focused on adding value to their business through an innovative and flexible portfolio in line with technological and market development. ActOne has positioned itself in the market as an important partner to its clients’ in the market research area. Because of this position and having a team with great knowledge in market research and Business Intelligence, ActOne nowadays directs its efforts developing new methodologies and development of differentiated collection data solutions. For this purpose, ActOne holds a team of professionals dedicated to meeting its customers’ needs for new market insights. Driven by the daily challenges ActOne faces with its customers, the team continuously strives to provide them with the best service in quality, accuracy and speed, fully satisfying our clients’ needs.

Contact person

André Batista

Multichannel Communication and Marketing Manager

+351 214 241 460