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APDP – Diabetes Portugal

Category(ies): Healthcare Providers; Public / Nonprofit Organisations; R&D Institutions


Address: Rua do Salitre, 118-120; 1250-203 Lisboa; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Clinical trials, Healthcare Providers, Health Sciences, Long term care, Research & Development

APDP-Diabetes Portugal is a non-profit organization and dean of IDF’s Member Associations. It is currently an international reference as a diabetes healthcare centre. It is the first IDF Centre of Education (in 2009) and is a Certified Centre of Reference of Pediatric Diabetes (SWEET) Main areas of activity: Social: Fighting for the rights of people with diabetes; Clinical: Providing multi-specialized healthcare services to more than 40.000 people with diabetes; Training courses aimed at HCPs (physicians, nurses, dieticians); Professionals of communitarian support institutions; University students and patients and their families. Research: in basic and clinical science and epidemiology; It collaborates with Gulbenkian Science Institute, Medical Sciences Universities and Portuguese Cancer Institute. International Collaboration: IDF, Euradia, IMAGE and SWEET Projects, EURODIAB and DIRECT. Collaboration with the Portuguese Government: Scientific consultancy in diabetes; Implementation of the Portuguese Program for Diabetes; Technical standards in the area of diabetes; Postgraduate training. Recently a new Department was created – APDP Education and Research Centre - in order to expand and deepen our Research activities in basic investigation in the area of Diabetes.

Contact person

Rogério Ribeiro

Coordinator of APDP/ERC (Education and Research Centre)

+351 213 816 135

+351 213 859 371