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Associação CCG/zgdv - Centro de Computação Gráfica

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Address: Universidade do Minho, Campus de Azurém; 4800-058 Guimarães; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Information technologies, R&D consultancy, Research & Development

The Association CCG/zgdv - Center for Computer Graphics, (CCG, was founded in 1993, as a private and non-profit organization, and it is established in University of Minho since 2001. Qualified by the National Scientific and Technological System, CCG provides research and technological development services as well as consultancy services to support Business innovation. CCG’s activity is divided in four main applied research domains: CVIG: Computer Vision, Graphics and Interaction; PIU: Perception, Interaction & Usability; EPMQ: Engineering Process, maturity & Quality; UMC: Urban and Mobile Computing. CCG has a multidisciplinary team, composed by forty employees and fifteen external researchers, as well as the support of its founding members and constituents - University of Minho, ZGDV and FEHST SGPS, S.A.,- and the twenty-one associated partners from the business and associative communities. In addition, CCG participates in four corporations and six trade associations. Due to the connection of CCG to the network (, as a co-founder and a strategic partner, it is on a privileged position to access the latest technological innovations worldwide. CCG is equipped with cutting edge technological infrastructures, where we highlight the VIRTUAL THEATRE, with 60 seats, The DATACENTER and the CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment), further to the laboratories supporting the R&TD activities on the above mentioned domains.