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Blueclinical - Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Saúde, Lda.

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Address: Avenida Villagarcia de Arosa, N.º 1919 – 1.º; 4460-439 Senhora da Hora; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Business consulting, Clinical trials, Phase I studies, R&D consultancy

Blueclinical is a privately owned clinical research company founded in Oporto in May 2012. Capitalizing on the experience and expertise of its sponsors, Blueclinical has a tripartite mission, which covers three sequential phases of the R&D, and to allow for a better management, it is structured into three corresponding business areas: R&D Consulting, Phase I and Clinical Research Partnership (CRP). Blueclinical R&D - Promotes the development of translational medicine and support institutions and companies in their R&D projects, with the aim of subsequent marketing. Blueclinical Phase I - Conducts phase I studies in healthy subjects and early proof-of-concept studies in selected patient populations. Blueclinical CRP - It is a network of hospitals and primary care centers that serve approximately half (5 million people) of the Portuguese population. Supports the activity of clinical research sites, promoting their growth, efficiency and excellence in conducting studies with drugs and medical devices. Blueclinical has a motivated team with experience in all R&D phases of new products, innovators or generics, "from bench to bedside", including pharmaceutical development, preclinical, clinical, regulatory and commercial, in the national and international context.

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Luís Almeida

Managing Partner

+351 220 995 159

+351 917 142 664

+351 223 200 699

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