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Conforto em Casa, Lda. (Comfort Keepers)

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Address: Avenida dos Aliados, 9, 1.º Andar, Sala B; 4000-066 Porto; Portugal

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The Comfort Keepers is a service home care company, with 650 offices worldwide. In Portugal since 2006, provides national coverage, all of its offices are licensed by the Social Security Institute. Through unique and differentiated system from home care support – Interactive Care – the Comfort Keepers involve customers in care to optimize their Independence, quality of life and well being. Interactive Care cover four áreas that are interrelated: cognitive stimulation, physical activity, balanced diet and security. The Comfort Keepers home support care were designed to help seniors and others to maintain adequate levels of Independence from the Comfort of their own homes. The Comfor Keepers believe that the most importante is help people to live independently and with dignity in Comfort of your home.

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Jorge Monteiro


+351 214 219 963

+351 919 595 526