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ISPUP – Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto

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Address: Rua das Taipas, 135; 4050-600 Porto; Portugal

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The Institute of Public Health of the University of Porto is devoted to create and disseminate high quality information and competitive knowledge in the broad field of public health. The mission of the Institute of Public Health is to contribute for the development, dissemination and application of new knowledge in the public health domain, stimulating the research and training of excellence, to improve and protect human population health. ISPUP promotes strong interaction among highly experienced researchers from complemen¬tary fields, such as Clinical Medicine, Dentistry, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Environmental Science, Nutrition Science, Behavioral Sciences, Social Sciences and Preventive Medicine. ISPUP hosts 96 research fellows and Master’s students, 77 PhD students and 45 senior researchers. We conduct 19 national and 4 international projects under competitive funding. We yearly authored an average of 140 biomedical scientific publications in peer-reviewed journals during the last five years, placing ISPUP among the most productive and competitive Portuguese institutions in health research. ISPUP enhances the cooperation between agents of the University of Porto and its link to regional, national and international institutions. It maintains several collaborations with European, South American and African partners, ensuring a global and dynamic exchange of clinical and population-based scientific information.

Contact person

Joana Ferreira


+351 222 061 820

+351 222 061 821