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Maxdata Software, S.A.

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Address: Rua António Correia Baharém, n.º 33-A; 2580-468 Carregado; Portugal

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Maxdata develops healthcare software solutions (Clinidata® software) for more than 30 years, having a strong presence in the biggest Portuguese hospitals in different areas and laboratories, namely, electronic requisition, clinical pathology, anatomic pathology, immunohematology (blood banking), epidemiologic surveillance (Healthcare Associated Infections) and responsability terms management. Clinidata® software is also present in a significative amount of laboratories across 3 continents, including reference laboratories integrated in international groups. The focus on internationalization has intensified in recent years and is one of its most important strategic objectives. For this reason, Maxdata is currently re-engineering its products, adapting them to modern computing paradigms such as cloud computing and to many features that have been emerging in the new era of Web 2.0. The goal is to provide innovative and updated solutions, which will offer greater flexibility, scalability, security and economic efficiency. The need to meet the quality requirements of international markets, which will soon apply to the Portuguese market, led Maxdata to become the first Portuguese company operating in the healthcare area certified according to the ISO 20000 international standard.

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Paulo Sousa


+351 263 400 300

+351 263 400 309