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nobox, Lda.

Category(ies): Business Service Providers, Business Developers, or Investors; Others


Address: Rua Visconde de Bóbeda, n.º 101, 4.º Esq.; 4000-109 Porto; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Business consulting, Health, HR Solutions, Innovation, Patient Safety

We intend to explore the human potential of the health professionals and services by delivering interdisciplinary, dynamic and tailored interventions, aiming at improving the individual, colective and institutional performances and, consequently, healthcare. Nobox wants to contribute for the strengthning of healthcare by investing in the human potential of its professionals and services. Interprofessionalism, health policy, new developments in medical education amongst others are the pillars around which we intend to generate change and innovation drives, particularly in the way that health professionals work and communicate together. Moreover, we beleive that ensuring constructive relations with entities of differents fields is of paramount importance for the growth and development of healthcare, reason why nobox aims at building bridges and closing gap in healthcare both in Portugal and abroad.

Contact person

Alberto Abreu da Silva


+351 913 446 950

+351 913 446 950