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Promptly – Software Solutions For Health Measures, Lda.

Category(ies): ICT for Health Companies; Medtech Companies; R&D Institutions


Address: Rua das Condominhas, n.º 15; 4150-222 Porto; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Advanced solutions for healthcare, Information technologies, Innovation, Medical Device, Patient Safety

PROMPTLY Health is a company specialized in health outcomes. It collects and analyzes scientifically validated data regarding health outcomes reported directly by the patients, contributing to their empowerment in healthcare and to a health system based on value. Promptly provides the patients the ability to truly cope with their diseases, to understand and anticipate how they will feel after each treatment, medication or surgery, and to be part of a community of patients that relate to their symptoms and share their fears and expectations. Promptly also offer Health Providers, such as hospitals and insurances, ways to improve the care they deliver to patients, by following-up their outcomes after each treatment.

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Luís Magalhães