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Sensing Future Technologies

Category(ies): ICT for Health Companies; Medtech Companies


Address: Rua Pedro Nunes, Instituto Pedro Nunes, Bloco C; 3030-199 Coimbra; Portugal

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Keyword(s): Ageing, Engineering, Health, Information technologies, Medical Device

Sensing Future Technology designs, develops and implements technological medical devices in a unique synergy between Engineering and Health, created by professionals with extensive experience through a multidisciplinary team with experience and expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, biomechanics, electrical engineering and computer science with a solid experience in instrumentation, control systems and robotics. These skills, combined with significant synergies developed in health care, enable Sensing Future Technologies define technical specifications and develop innovative medical devices, flexible and modular, which correspond to the growing needs of industry professionals. A sustained strategy of improvement and extension of its powers, the Sensing Future Technologies integrates and is open to participation in research projects, Development & Innovation (RD & I), through partnerships with national and international consortia, including higher education institutions, clinics, centers doctors, institutes and companies.A description will be available soon.

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Luís Ferreira

Chief Technology Officer

+351 239 404 234

+351 916 772 399

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