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Address: Palma de Cima; 1649-023 Lisboa; Portugal

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The Catholic University of Portugal (UCP) was established in 1967 by decree of the Holy See. The creation of UCP constitutes a milestone in modern higher education in Portugal: for the first time the State was not directly involved in and responsible for a university. The UCP enjoys a large degree of autonomy in the creation and running of new campuses, facilities and courses. Taking advantage of this fact, it has been a pioneer in some aspects of university development in Portugal, e.g. business administration and management, food engineering, multimedia and digital arts. The UCP comprises 15 Faculties, Schools and Institutes that are the fundamental learning and research academic units, and 4 Departments. It is a nationwide university located in four regional centres (Braga, Porto, Beiras and Lisbon) as well as in Macao (China), where it runs a University Institute. The Regional Centre of Porto began its activities in 1978 with the College of Law and comprises two campuses situated in Porto. As the stimulation of research is one of UCP’s fundamental aims, there are eight research units in the Regional Centre of Porto, the majority achieving a good standing when subjected to external assessments of research standards by a panel of international experts sponsored by the Portuguese Science and Technology Foundation.