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Category(ies): Empresas de Dispositivos e Tecnologias Médicas; Empresas de TICE para a Saúde


Address: Largo dos Loios, 29, 1º; 4050-338 Porto; Portugal

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SWORD Health is a start up established as a company in May 2013. During March 2015 was considered one of the most innovative companies in Europe, entering the Champions League of innovation and receiving a grant superior to 1M€ (SME Instruments Phase II). At SWORD Health is believed that the solution for the new Medical Rehabilitation is the wise combination of novel neuroscience-driven therapeutic methods with effective technologies that facilitate the dissemination of care and the use of all the knowledge produced in the rehabilitation of a large network of patients. Pursuing this vision, the company have developed an innovative system that allows the sustainable delivery of a more efficient motor rehabilitation to stroke patients, providing a rich source of data for clinicians and decision makers. SWORD Health is performing an end-to-end reinvention of the rehabilitation industry with the first digital therapy system that maximizes both the operational and therapeutic effectiveness of physical and occupational rehabilitation services, while reducing healthcare costs.

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André Santos


+351 223 248 286

+351 914 663 907

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